Here’s a look at the progress of the project, which is still scheduled for completion in spring 2024!

The reconstruction of the spire was completed a few days ago, with the installation of the cross.

The last stone of the spire was laid in the presence of Frédéric Hasman, deputy mayor in charge of heritage, on Wednesday March 29. That same day, a time capsule was inserted into the top of the bell tower. Inside: a handwritten letter from Mayor Pierre Fond, a second signed by the children of the Saint Vincent de Paul parish, the daily Le Parisien, and a photo of the team of craftsmen who worked on rebuilding the spire. Leave a trace of this historic project in stone!

On Tuesday April 4, the Jeanne Prospère and Victorine Hélène Adrienne bells returned to the church, and the third and new Jeanne Thérèse bell was delivered for the first time, having been cast on March 17 in the workshops of the Cornille Havard foundry. All three were installed in the church of Saint-Martin in the afternoon, on brackets allowing them to be rung.

The scaffolding will begin to be dismantled on April 12, and ten days later, the bell tower – rebuilt identically right down to the sculptures that decorate it – will proudly overlook Sartrouville.

Next stage: restoration of the nave and aisles, until December 2023.

Phase 3 – which will include renovation of the staircase, parquet flooring and paving – will run from January to April 2024.

This is a rare and far-reaching project, and you can help by making a donation to the Fondation du patrimoine.