With 78 listed buildings, Noyers-sur-Serein is officially one of France’s most beautiful villages. Every year on the weekend of August 15, professional and amateur sculptors come to create gargoyles.

Stonemasons and sculptors come from all over France, and even abroad, to take part in the “Gargouilllosium”.

This strangely-named event was created by the “Le Patrimoine Oublié – Association du Vieux Château de Noyers” association.Noyers-sur-Serein”, which works to restore the fortified castle of Noyers-sur-Serein. All that remains of this once-powerful Burgundy castle, dismantled by Henri IV, are its towers and ramparts.

One of France’s 100 most beautiful villages, Noyers-sur-Serein is a medieval town. is proud of its built heritage, including freestone mansions, half-timbered houses and religious buildings… Numerous craftsmen have set up store in the town: potter, ceramist, illuminator, jeweler, leatherworker…

Every year, the Association du Vieux Château de Noyers organizes a castle festival in August, duringwhich the “Gargouillosium” takes place over three days on the weekend of August 15th.“. The works created by the sculptors and stonemasons are sold to raise funds for the restoration of the castle remains.

Report by Murielle Rousselin and Claude Heudes
with Pierre R’Touche (sculptor from Dijon), Laurent Signora (amateur sculptor) and Girardot Laconelli (sculptor from Aulnay-sous-Bois)