From left to right: Ludovic Decouard (Bati Touraine) and his apprentice, William Huchon, and sculptor Olivier Vernet.

An award-winning salamander by ornamental sculptor Olivier Vernet has found its place on the facade of a building in the center of Chouzy-sur-Cisse.

During a visit to the artist’s studio, William Huchon, manager of the local bar-tabac-presse, “fell in love” with the sculpture and immediately asked for it to be inserted in his façade.

Olivier Vernet worked with the Bati Touraine company to cut the rendering on the facade, brush the stones and fix his work to the wall.

With a twinge of regret, he points out, “It’s great to see the salamander, which will be seen by everyone, including me. She was lying in the workshop, but she’ll be better off there.