The now traditional departmental arts and crafts prize, organized by the Chambre de Métiers et d’Apprentissage de Loir-et-Cher (CMA 41), was this year dedicated to La Renaissance.

The jury carefully studied the subjects and/or objects presented, all of which were of a very high quality and precise. But a choice had to be made, however difficult, to decide between the candidates, who were congratulated at a reception presided over by Yves Rousset, Prefect of Loir-et-Cher, and Stéphane Buret, President of the CMA 41, among other guests.

Olivier Vernet, a stone sculptor and ornamentalist in Valloire-sur-Cisse, won with a bas-relief of a limestone salamander, “Je nourris le bon feu et j’éteins le mauvais”, ahead of Nathalie Sizabuire, a designer of high-end costume jewelry in Mesland, with a beaded bag by Svarowski, “Nustrisco et Extinguo”.

Third prize went to Sylvie Jouzeau, a painter and decorator from Vineuil, for her “Arcim” illustration on linen canvas in marker on an acrylic background, but there were two ties for fourth prize from the north of the department. Nadège Patard-Lhermitte, creator of leather objects and leatherworker in Bonneveau, for a leather painting representing the different arts of the Renaissance throughout Europe, “La Renaissance européenne dans tous ses États”, and Jurgen Katzengruber, couturier-créateur in Savigny-sur-Braye, for a set of menswear, “L’Homme Renaissance – L’Homme Renaissant”…

Once the pressure of going before the jury was over, each craftsman-artist was able to explain freely how each work of art came about, after hours and hours of hard work.